Wolf's Healthcare Hypocrisy

Let me get this straight. Over the past three years, Tom Wolf said nothing when Pennsylvanians' healthcare premiums were skyrocketing by over 50%, said nothing when Pennsylvanians' deductibles were jumping by over 20%, and said absolutely nothing when nearly 40% of Pennsylvanians were being left with only one health insurance option. But now, out of the blue, he's incensed and committed to fighting for families struggling to pay for their healthcare?

What's changed? One thing: Barack Obama is gone and Donald Trump is our President, trying to fix the mess that was left him. Obamacare is a failure and is collapsing further each and every successive day. Even Democrats in Congress who voted for Obamacare are searching for a replacement to the ACA.  Yet Tom Wolf is holding onto it like a crutch.

President Trump's actions were a positive first step in a long-term battle to right this ship. But one thing is clear, Washington will not solve Pennsylvania's problems and Tom Wolf is not equipped to help the millions of Pennsylvania families who are struggling. We need to have a serious discussion about how we improve the healthcare of these families, and I look forward to debating Governor Wolf on healthcare anywhere, anytime, and any place because Pennsylvanians deserve better than the failure they are receiving from our Governor.