Mango responds to Wolf's killing PA energy jobs

Tom Wolf's vote against fracking stands in the way of moving our Commonwealth forward

Today I issued the following statement in response to Governor Wolf's vote to permanently ban fracking in the Delaware River Basin.

"Today's vote is one more sad instance of Governor Wolf claiming to care about hardworking Pennsylvanians but doing everything in his power to stand in the way of moving our Commonwealth forward. We have been so blessed to have great natural resources at our disposal and the technologies at hand to responsibly utilize them, but Governor Wolf yet again played to his radical environmentalist base rather than stand side-by-side with hardworking Pennsylvania families."

"Tom Wolf let down millions of Pennsylvanians today and he has abdicated his responsibility as the Governor of all Pennsylvanians, not just a fringe element of the Democratic Party. Clearly, Tom Wolf would rather side with the liberal governors of New York and Delaware than the hardworking families of Pennsylvania. As Governor, I will fight each and every day to make sure Pennsylvanians have the opportunities to provide for their families, make a better life for their families, and give their families the chance to pass on a better Pennsylvania to the next generation."