Wisconsin: 13,000, Pennsylvania: 0

Yesterday it was announced that Foxconn, one of the largest manufacturers of flat screens in the world, would be investing approximately $10 billion in a manufacturing facility in Wisconsin, which will create an estimated 13,000 jobs. Lesser known was that Pennsylvania was on the original list of seven states being evaluated by Foxconn. 

Once again Pennsylvanians lose under Tom Wolf. The job of our Commonwealth’s chief executive isn’t just running the state government, but it’s also acting as our chief marketing officer.  And Tom Wolf has failed again.

Families are struggling to put food on the table, yet Thomas the Tax Engine Wolf is fiddling in Harrisburg over whether he is going to increase our taxes and use the Commonwealth's credit card to fill a budget gap.  We just lost and hardworking families continue to feel the brunt of Tom Wolf’s incompetence. Doesn't he understand that more private investment in the Commonwealth, more jobs, and higher wages are the prescription to fixing Pennsylvania’s problems.

When I become Governor, I can assure you my number one priority will be to lead efforts to create more well-paying jobs for hard-working Pennsylvanians. Get to work, Tom Wolf.  Lead.  Liberate our job creators.  Quit fiddling.