Wagner Lead Collapses

Two new independent polls show dead heat!

In just a few short months, State Senator Scott Wagner's once thirty point lead in his internal polls has collapsed to a dead heat in two newly released independent polls.  Most shocking of all, these new polls were taken before Wagner's moral, ethical, and legal flaws were made known to the wider Republican electorate.  And as a result, Wagner is running scared as he is now being exposed as a fraud to Republican voters around the Commonwealth.   

Last Fall, Wagner released an internal poll that showed him leading Paul Mango by a 32-points.  However, two new independent polls showed Wagner's lead imploding and now finding him in a statistical dead heat with Paul Mango.

First, a poll commissioned by the American Principles Project found Wagner and Mango statistically tied, with Wagner leading Mango 20% to 18%.  Now, a poll conducted by the highly respected Susquehanna Polling & Research and released by This Week In Pennsylvania on ABC27, showed another statistical dead heat with Wagner leading Mango by just 3%: 19% to 16%.

Worst of all for Wagner is the fact that these polls were taken before a new round of statewide network television advertisements aired highlighting Wagner's many character flaws - from his time as a bail bondman bailing out child sex predators to being a deadbeat dad who claimed that despite making more than $11 million in income over three years, he had no money to pay for alimony and child support.

The more Pennsylvania Republicans learn about Scott Wagner, the less they like Scott Wagner and they are fleeing his campaign in droves!