Today I announced Washington County Commissioner Diana Irey Vaughan as my Lieutenant Governor running mate for Governor of Pennsylvania.

Paul Mango and Diana Irey Vaughan

If the past three years of dysfunction in the Wolf-Stack debacle have taught us anything, it’s that our Governor needs a strong partner as Lieutenant Governor. I can think of no better governing partner than Diana. As I have said since the start of this campaign, Harrisburg needs to empower our local and county governments and Diana brings over two decades of success as a county commissioner to help lead this effort. Just as important, she shares our goals of promoting a Culture of Life, bringing our jobs and children back to Pennsylvania, and Restoring the Dream for the hardworking families of the Commonwealth. I am excited to have Diana join our growing team and I look forward to campaigning with her across Pennsylvania.

In her prepared remarks at the announcement, Diana Irey Vaughan said:

“… I am running for Lieutenant Governor to do my part to ensure that my family and every Pennsylvania family, for generations to come, can live, work, and raise their families in a climate of conservative family values, plentiful jobs, a low crime rate, with an opportunity to live a better life than my generation has. I choose to run with Paul Mango because we have shared values and a vision for the Commonwealth.

Pennsylvania has an opportunity, by electing Paul Mango, to have a Governor with impeccable character and unmatched competence. This is Pennsylvania’s opportunity to Restore the Dream!... 

… And Paul Mango understands the importance of working with rather than ignoring county commissioners like Governor Wolf has done. Paul will reform and shrink the size of Harrisburg state government and its mandates and regulations and empower local communities, county commissioners, and local governments to solve the problems they best understand with the people they are closest to serving…

… When I first met Paul Mango, I was impressed with the level of his intelligence, ability to understand an issue and then identify solutions to address that issue. Obviously something he learned from the military and raising five daughters!   As I learned about Paul Mango’s positions, I realized we share many of the same ideals and vision. I am grateful for the confidence Paul Mango has shown in my leadership. I will work tirelessly as I continue to represent the citizens of Washington County, and pursue my goal of replicating our successes for our Commonwealth, to make Pennsylvania a leader in our nation!

Our next Governor has to be someone who realizes that our current opioid epidemic is a statewide emergency, has the courage to declare it to help those who are inflicted by this terrible epidemic and not help their own political fortune, and who will actually do something about it. Paul Mango does!

Our next Governor has to be someone who will respect women and children and who will protect our children’s privacy and security, even in bathrooms and locker rooms, and who will protect our religious freedom. Paul Mango will!

Our next Governor needs to have business experience from outside government to take on Harrisburg and reform and downsize it, not grow it or manipulate it for their own benefit. Paul Mango can!...

… It is with great enthusiasm that I invite you to join our team; join with us to Restore the Dream and bring our jobs and our children back to Pennsylvania!


First elected in 1995, Diana is the only woman ever to serve as Washington County Commissioner. She is respected as a job creator with a track record of fiscal responsibility and the leadership and business acumen to make tough decisions. And because of her strong track record of success, Diana is currently serving in her fifth term as a Washington County Commissioner.

During her years of service, Washington County has maintained one of the lowest county tax rates in the region. Prioritizing economic growth during her time in office has helped to support Washington County families during challenging economic times nationally and regionally. Diana was involved as commissioner in the completion of the Southpointe Industrial Park, which boasts more than 9,000 jobs. Upon completion of all park acreage in Southpointe Industrial Park, they anticipate attracting an additional 5,000 jobs.

During Diana’s tenure, the county has made significant improvements to its parks system to provide better recreational opportunities to county residents. Service to the residents and accountability to the taxpayers have been the hallmark of her time as Washington County Commissioner. She looks forward to the opportunity to continue to improve the quality of life here in Washington County.

Diana is committed to a Culture of Life, having instilled strong family values in her three children – Victoria, Frank and Alexandra. And as the wife of Lt. Col. Robert Vaughan, Diana knows first-hand the importance of our military, military families, and the need to support our Veterans here at home. It is this experience that sets Diana Irey Vaughan apart from the field and ready to serve as Lieutenant Governor.