Meet Thomas The Tax Engine

Check out the new website,, that allows Pennsylvania taxpayers to have a secret look at their Governor "hard at work"... the same Governor the Pittsburgh Tribune Review said: "has never met a tax he didn't like."  

Meet Thomas

Since taking office, Wolf has proposed over $8 billion in tax hikes on everything from daycare and home-health to even burial services, not to mention his assault on the state's income tax.  

Here is a sampling of the many tax increases pursued by Governor Thomas "the Tax Engine" Wolf 

  • Total of over $8 billion in proposed tax increase
  • 21% proposed income tax hike in 2015-2016
  • 11% proposed income tax hike in 2016-2017
  • 11% proposed sales tax increase
  • Proposed tax increases on energy, banking, utilities, cable television, and phone bills.

If you can own it, do it, or use it, Tom Wolf wants to tax it!  To learn more about "Thomas the Tax Engine" Wolf, click here.

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