Kudos to President Trump for aggressive action on healthcare

I applaud President Trump for taking the bull by the horns and taking action to alleviate the pain of Obamacare something Congress has been unable to do.

From my decades of experience working in the healthcare industry, it has been clear to me that Washington, DC was never going to solve Pennsylvania's problems, and what President Trump did this week has been a powerful first step to put choice and decisions over healthcare back in the hands of people and take it out of the hands of beltway bureaucrats.

Under Obamacare, healthcare choices have decreased dramatically and nearly 40% of Pennsylvanians have only one insurance option. And since Tom Wolf has taken office, hardworking Pennsylvania families have seen their premiums skyrocket by 77% and deductibles have jumped 22%. In the face of all of this, Tom Wolf has done nothing. I would act immediately.

Enough is enough. President Trump's actions this week were a positive first step in righting this ship. But if the leadership in Congress cannot get the job done, they should step aside and let leaders with competence take the reins.