Paul Mango Picking up Ground

New Independent Poll Shows Scott Wagner Tanking in Republican Primary for Governor

On September 22nd, the Wagner for Governor campaign put out a press release touting a poll showing Scott Wagner with a 29-point lead over Paul Mango in the Republican primary race for Governor. An Independent Poll, just published by “PoliticsPA” on November 9th, reveals Wagner’s lead over Paul Mango had been dramatically cut to just 13 points, with Wagner dropping a stunning 22 points since the September 20th survey.

“It’s clear that as people begin to focus on the race, and examine how quickly Scott Wagner has become part of the problem in Harrisburg, voters are increasing turning to an outsider and trusted conservative like Paul Mango,” said Matt Beynon, Mango for Governor Communications Advisor.

These new poll numbers are not the only bad news for the Wagner for Governor campaign this week. An explosive news story has exposed that Scott Wagner and his running-mate, Jeff Bartos, have been large donors and supporters for various Democrat candidates and causes. This includes contributions and support for liberal Democrat Governor Ed Rendell, Pennsylvania’s convicted former Democratic Attorney General Kathleen Kane, and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in Washington, DC.