Response to Thomas the Tax Engine Wolf's latest budget

Taxing hard-working families is Governor Wolf’s idea of prosperity. And his new budget which increases spending by 1 Billion Dollars epitomizes why I call him “Thomas the Tax Engine.”

A billion dollars more in spending at a time when the Commonwealth is already borrowing just to balance the books and continuing to kick the can down the road on our state pension crisis that is taking up one-tenth of our budget. Worse yet, Wolf is targeting our growing natural gas industry that is helping rural Pennsylvanians climb the economic ladder to fill his gaping budget hole. This isn't the road to economic growth, this is the path to continued centralization of power.

For three years, Tom Wolf has failed to lead. He's been unable to pass and sign a budget on time because he has been fixated on finding new ways to tax working families. The idea that we can somehow tax our way to prosperity on the backs of hardworking Pennsylvanians needs to be erased from our minds once and for all. It is clear that we will never change the way Harrisburg works until we elect officials who will shake up the status quo. As our Commonwealth's next governor, I will be committed to job growth, not further burdening hardworking taxpayers.