Is Scott Wagner the Republican He Claims to Be?

Scott Wagner recently told a group of Republicans he's a lifelong Republican. Clearly, Wagner knew this wasn't true.  At least you would have to assume that Wagner must remember when he switched parties so he could vote for Ed Rendell.

According to Wagner's hometown newspaper, Wagner changed his party registration... to he could vote for ultra-liberal, pro-choice, former DNC Chairman Ed Rendell.  Wagner said:  When I pulled the voting lever for Rendell...quote: "it felt good." (Ed Mahon, "Why Scott Wagner Spent About A Month As A Democrat In 2002," York Daily Record, 2/22/14)

A one-time mistake by Wagner, right?  Think again.

When Pennsylvania Republican U.S. Senator Rick Santorum was running for President, and his strong conservative message helped him win 11 states, who did Scott Wagner choose to financially support?   Wait for it...none other than Lyndon LaRouche. (Federal Election Commission, Donation date: 10/06/2011)   Yea, that Lyndon LaRouche, who was investigated by the FBI as a "revolutionary socialist."

Ok, two mistakes.  But Wagner must have supported the Republican-endorsed candidate for Pennsylvania Attorney General, David Freed.  Freed was so qualified, President Trump picked Freed to be a US Prosecutor.  And Freed's opponent was liberal Democrat Kathleen Kane.  

Wrong again.   Wagner chose to not only support the Democrat candidate, Kathleen Kane, Wagner bankrolled Kane's campaign to the tune of $15,000.  Wagner said he did this because he was so impressed with Kane. Kane left office in disgrace. ("Campaign Finance Online Reporting," Pennsylvania Department Of State, Accessed 10/27/17; The New York Times, 10/24/16)

Unfortunately, Wagner's support hurting Republican candidates doesn't stop there.  Wagner supported the Democrat candidate for Mayor of York, even holding a fundraiser for him, with feature guest, Ed Rendell. (Mike Mender, "Robertson Seeks Political Boost From Rendell's York Visit," York Daily Record, 10/2/97)  Wagner even funded the East Pennsboro Democratic club.

And when Tom Corbett was running for re-election, Wagner did Wolf's dirty work, funding a hit direct mail piece on both Governor Corbett and Lt. Governor Jim Cawley.

But Wagner has not only helped Democrat after Democrat, he's helped candidates even further to the left.  Wagner bankrolled an ultra-liberal Green Party candidate for PA State Representative, and opposed the Republican candidate. ("Campaign Finance Online Reporting," Pennsylvania Department Of State, Accessed 10/27/17)

Next time you hear Scott Wagner claim he's a lifelong Republican, you will now know the truth.