Faith, Family and Pennsylvania Values

Today, I am proud to release my plan to strengthen Pennsylvania families and protect Pennsylvania values with my "Faith, Family, and Pennsylvania Values" Agenda.

Under Tom Wolf, our faith, families and conservative values have come under attack. Wolf is the most liberal Governor in America who has even fought for increased funding for Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortions, while cutting funding for Pennsylvania veterans. That's unconscionable. And it's why Pennsylvania needs a strong pro-life, pro-family, pro-faith Governor.

My agenda will provide a blueprint for how my administration will protect the sanctity of life, protect our religious freedoms, ensure our families can live in safe and nurturing communities, including being free of dangerous sanctuary cities. My plan also shares my commitment to veto any "bathroom bill" that violates privacy in public restrooms by allowing the personal choice of gender selection.

My plan to strengthen the fabric of Pennsylvania's communities has been endorsed by leading pro-family conservatives such as former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum and Robert P. George, PhD of the American Principles Project.

Rick Santorum said: "I welcome having at least one candidate in the race for Governor who hasn't succumbed to the pressures of the popular culture and is ready to stand up for the families of Pennsylvania."

Robert P. George, PhD said: "At some level, all Pennsylvanians-indeed all Americans-know the source of our problems:  our leaders have betrayed the principles that lie at the foundation of our constitutional republic and our civilization. The professional politicians of both major parties, lacking the courage to stand up for what's right, do whatever is politically expedient. We can no longer afford their cowardice. The price we, and our children, and our grandchildren, are paying for it is too high. That's why I'm thrilled to see that Paul Mango, a person of conviction and integrity, is running for Governor of the Keystone State. He is boldly standing up for the sanctity of human life, the marriage-based family, and religious freedom and the rights of conscience. As someone living across the state line in New Jersey, I envy my friends in Pennsylvania the opportunity to cast a vote for such an individual."

As Governor, I will strive to build upon these values: to promote the sanctity of life, protect religious freedom, ensure educational opportunity and choice, and keep our families safe. To read my full plan to protect and strengthen Pennsylvania communities, click here.

Promoting the Sanctity of Life

I believe human life begins at conception and should be protected.   

  • Prioritize Pennsylvania Departments of Health and Human Services funding for women's health to those organizations providing the broadest scope of services, broadest geographic coverage, but do not deliver taxpayer funding to those organizations performing abortions
  • Ensure Pennsylvania health care waiver requests allow for religious exceptions to any requirements covering contraceptives or abortions
  • Veto any bill or budget funding abortion or funding any organization performing abortions including Planned Parenthood
  • Call on the Legislature to pass SB3; legislation limiting elective abortions to less than 20 weeks of gestation in Pennsylvania and banning the practice of "dismemberment abortions"
  • Ensure the Department of Health aggressively enforces Act 122, establishing abortion clinics as outpatient surgical centers, to help prevent horrors like the Kermit Gosnell clinic from ever happening again in the Commonwealth
  • Call for a resolution supporting the federal repeal of Clinton-era Title X regulations allowing fungible Planned Parenthood funding to be used for abortions

Protecting Religious Freedom

Protecting religious liberty is a founding principle of our Commonwealth and America

  • Support funding within Pennsylvania Departments of Health and Human Services to encourage public/private partnerships with state and local communities, not-for-profit organizations, Veterans Service Organizations, and faith-based organizations. These are the organizations often best positioned to serve their communities
  • Veto any "bathroom bill" legislation violating presumed privacy for bathrooms and public facilities based on the idea that gender is a matter of personal choice

Ensuring Educational Opportunity and Choice

Every child should have access to a quality education and shouldn't be trapped in a failing school

  • Call on the Legislature to pass legislation encouraging further innovation and choice, including but not limited to charter school development, at the local level to provide parents with more options for their children
  • Call on the Legislature to pass Educational Savings Account legislation to enable school choice by allowing education dollars to travel with students to the educational options deemed best by parents for their children
  • Order the Department of Education to provide much greater transparency into the performance of all educational choices such that parents can easily evaluate their options

Ensuring Family-Safe Communities, Schools, and Neighborhoods

All Pennsylvanians should feel safe in their community, be able to raise their families in a drug-free environment, and be treated equally.

  • Prohibit "sanctuary" counties, townships, and municipalities from being considered for victim assistance grant funding from the Commonwealth. Sanctuary cities afford criminal illegal aliens protection from the law that legal Pennsylvania citizens are not afforded  
  • Declare a statewide emergency on the opioid epidemic currently killing 100 Pennsylvanians per week, limit excessive painkiller prescriptions, eliminate the bureaucracy inhibiting local solutions to this problem, and strengthen sentences for drug dealers who kill our children