Mango slams Wolf’s failed fiscal leadership

Paul Mango issued the following statement regarding Governor Tom Wolf’s failure to sign a budget. 

"We might as well move Groundhog Day from February to July because Tom Wolf’s Harrisburg is seeing its shadow again!  For a third straight year the Governor hasn’t signed a budget.  Pennsylvanians understand that Tom Wolf is hiding under his desk to avoid responsibility for our budget debacle by simply letting this sham become law without his signature.  Not exactly a profile in courage if you ask me!  This isn’t leadership, it’s irresponsibility and recklessness, and it needs to stop. The buck stops at the Governor’s desk and as our Commonwealth’s next Governor I will be committed to bringing economic growth back to the Commonwealth, fiscal sanity back to Harrisburg, working with our legislators to make sure taxpayers are protected, and reigning in the bloated state government.”