Thank you!

Thank you for your interest in my gubernatorial campaign in Pennsylvania. It has been an exhilarating year for my family and me.  

When I first announced I was running for Governor, I did it with the thought in mind that Pennsylvanians deserve a chief executive officer with a plan to win and a vision to govern.

As I traversed the state putting 70,000 miles on my car, talking and listening to thousands of Pennsylvanians about their concerns, I found that they too share my beliefs. Not only are they desperate for positive change in the Governor’s Office, more importantly, they yearn for leadership at the helm.

I am truly humbled by the reception received thus far from all of you. I have harnessed your energy, innovation, hope for the future, and sense of community pride all into my campaign in order to be successful this coming May. Your unrivaled support encourages me every day to work harder so I can bring positive change to Pennsylvania as your next Governor.

With the end of year upon us, we must be vigilant to heighten our profile and increase our voter contact so we hit the ground running in the new year. To that end, it is impossible to get out our message statewide of restoring the dream for Pennsylvanians without adequate financial resources. I humbly ask you to make an investment in Mango for Governor by making a contribution prior to our December 31st deadline. We appreciate your consideration and please know, we would be most grateful for your generosity. 

Please continue to follow us on the campaign trail by signing up on our website and engaging with us on all of our social media platforms. If you have any questions or need additional information please feel free to contact my campaign.

I look forward to seeing you in your community in the new year as we work together to restore the dream our children and grandchildren deserve, for brighter futures to come.  


Paul Mango

Paul Mango
Candidate for Governor