Harrisburg needs to think big on budget reforms

I am happy to share the op-ed I penned on PennLive.com urging Governor Wolf to stop offering tax increases and more big government as the solution to the Commonwealth’s budget woes, and instead take advantage of Pennsylvania’s great economic advantages to spur on economic growth.

To read the complete op-ed, click here.

 Let's turn to economic growth to solve our budget problems

By Paul Mango

... “Our elected leaders perennially approach the midnight hour trying to cobble together a budget addressing this shortfall.

Gov. Tom Wolf favors increasing revenue, which is to say more taxes, while the well-meaning Legislature is forced to engage in disingenuous acts such as mortgaging our future by borrowing well over $1 billion from anticipated tobacco settlement revenues. 

We cannot continue to develop and submit budgets whose aim is to "squeak by the next year."

Perpetual trade-offs between tax increases stifling growth, and expense reductions threatening basic services, is unsustainable.  It is as if our leaders are collectively chasing their shadow only to be surprised when they never overtake it. Economic growth is the only enduring means of addressing our fiscal obligations.

There is cause for hope. We have all of the natural and human resources necessary to restore Pennsylvania to a condition of prosperity, and liberate it from the annual charade that has become our budget process.

Success is within our grasp. Our businesses and entrepreneurs are overtaxed, over-regulated, and underappreciated. It is time to unleash them. We cannot "go big" without "thinking big."

Let's start thinking big, Harrisburg.”