Birds of a Feather Voted for Rendell Together

The news of the newly formed gubernatorial "ticket" of Scott Wagner-Jeff Bartos must have one Pennsylvanian grinning from ear-to-ear: former Democrat Governor Ed Rendell. Both Wagner and Bartos were supporters of Rendell during his 2002 governor's campaign - the first of several instances where these "conservative outsiders" supported liberal Democrats running against real conservatives in Pennsylvania.  

"Scott Wagner and Jeff Bartos have spent a lot of time telling anyone who will listen that they are the real conservatives running in Pennsylvania. If that's true, you have to ask why they supported one of the most liberal governors in Pennsylvania's history? Not only did Scott Wagner switch parties to vote for Rendell in the 2002 Democratic primary, but Bartos gave money in both the 2002 primary and general election to a shadowy outside group that was supporting Rendell. Real conservatives would have never supported Rendell, or disgraced Attorney General Kathleen Kane, or the DSCC." said Matt Beynon, Mango communications advisor.

Wagner thought so highly of former Governor Ed Rendell (D-PA) that he switched parties in 2002, becoming a Democrat to vote for Rendell in the Democratic primary (Ed Mahon, "Why Scott Wagner spent about a month as a Democrat in 2002," York Daily Record, February 22, 2014).  

Bartos went a step further and made multiple political contributions, worth hundreds of dollars, in both the 2002 primary and general elections, to a political action committee that was supporting Rendell's candidacy (Donations to "Keeping America Competitive," Donation Dates: 4/9/2002 & 10/1/2002).

Sadly, this was not the only time Wagner and Bartos actively supported liberal Democrats against conservatives. During the 2012 Pennsylvania Attorney General race, Wagner gave a staggering $15,000 contribution to now-disgraced former Attorney General Kathleen Kane in her race against conservative David Freed (Donation Date: 10/11/2012).  That same election cycle Bartos contributed $1,000 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (Donation Date: 2/3/2011).

These are not donations any real conservative would have made.  Period.