Ready to Serve

This evening was I was proud to be joined by family, friends, and supporters at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall and Museum in Pittsburgh, PA to declare my candidacy to be the next Governor of Pennsylvania.

I make this announcement so grateful for all of the blessings our nation has given me; mindful that I seek this responsibility for reasons far greater than myself; and determined to use every lesson I’ve learned through hard and valuable experience, and every inspiration I’ve drawn from the patriots I’ve known, to meet the challenges of our Commonwealth, and to strengthen this good and great state for the benefit of every Pennsylvanian.  

And make no mistake, our challenges are great.  As your next governor, I am committed recognizing and fighting for our veterans, working day and night to make sure our kids no longer feel like they need to leave Pennsylvania to achieve the American Dream, and utilize our Commonwealth’s many blessings and resources to make economic growth a reality. 

I am ready to serve, but I cannot do this alone.  Together, we can bring our jobs and our children back to Pennsylvania.  Join our movement today!