As a husband, father, and leader, I have prioritized three sets of values: faith, family, and service to others.


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"I need you as my running mate to help change Harrisburg"- Paul Mango

“Paul understands global economics and, more importantly, how that affects me as a Pennsylvania small business owner. I know that Paul can address today's fiscal issues, but more importantly he can prepare us for the challenges of tomorrow in a way no other candidate can.”

Lisa Vranicar - Pennsylvania small business owner

"Paul Mango is a proven leader, who has had an extraordinary life of service and success.  He is a veteran who served his country as a paratrooper and then became a successful businessman who now wants to serve his fellow citizens as a servant leader."

Jim Nicholson - Former Secretary of Veterans Affairs

"As Military Veterans we have a sense of lifetime services, in or out of uniform. Paul Mango is a role model, and I will be excited for Pennsylvanians to see a fellow Veteran in public service."

Chris Molaro – Former Army Field Artillery Captain

"Paul Mango possesses the rare combination of qualities – toughness, integrity, intelligence and grit to bring back greatness to Pennsylvania where past leadership has failed."

Bill Belknap – U.S. Military Academy Class of 1981

"Paul Mango is the right choice. A West Point Grad, strong leadership skills, and a great businessman. He can turn PA around."

Suk and David Smith – Small Business Owners

"Paul Mango is the best candidate to make PA great again. A Vet, Family man, business leader, trusted conservative, not a politician."

David Urban – Trump for President PA Campaign Manager

"Paul Mango understands what it will take to grow the Pennsylvania economy, and bring back jobs, and provide the next generation with a safer, better, more prosperous Pennsylvania"

Tom Cotton – U.S. Senator & American Patriot